From Transformation to Thrilled

Fran built a highly successful car business that moved 14,000 cars per year. A couple of years ago he sold it to Penske. Prior to launching his business he availed himself of the WhoZou resources. “It was a transformative time in my life… [that] reset my career vision for Fran… [I was] not only comfortable, but thrilled in the work that I was doing.”


My Story

My Story and the reasons I launched WhoZou. Also, a quick peak at our resource.


WhoZou Foundations 1. Convergence: Key to Career Joy

What is convergence? How does it enable you to enjoy your work more? How do you move toward convergence?


WhoZou Foundations 2. Phases Leading to Convergence

What are the significant phases in moving toward convergence?


WhoZou Foundations 3. From Understanding to Career Construction

What do I need to understand? How do I take advantage of that understanding?


WhoZou Foundations 4: Uniqueness Overview

What makes you... YOU?


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